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It’s no surprise that we worry about our own health and the health of those we love particularly, parents, partners, children, and friends. In most Western countries, Obesity is a major health issue. In addition to the current worldwide pandemic, over half of the world suffers from 1 or more chronic diseases and pathogens are now becoming even a bigger issue.


Anxieties and worries about money are a big deal with most people having huge financial responsibilities including rent or the mortgage, debts, bills, food shopping, childcare and everything and anything related to our loved ones… The list can go on and on.

Health is the Greatest Wealth

Health is the greatest wealth we will ever have. Without our health and vitality, every part of our lives can suffer.

You accumulate poor health over time. We live in a society that values high quantity and low quality “convenience” foods, over-indulgences, not enough movement, and a quick medical fix whenever something goes wrong. A lot of people make the choice to continue suffering and partaking in their own indulgences, as long as they don’t have to change!

And so, we must be responsible for our own health. We must be solely accountable to our own bodies. We must take the time to research and understand what we are ingesting into our systems and what we are putting out into the world in return. It’s a process. It’s not a simple change. It’s about learning and understanding.

Health is an investment. It’s a long game. We can’t rely on short-term fad diets, the number on the scale, one good night’s sleep, a one-week vacation or a day off from work to create a longer, healthier life. And we surely can’t rely on society to tell us what’s best for us. We must do the work for ourselves. We must learn what is best for us, as individuals. We must consciously create small changes every day that align with our best, healthiest selves. It starts with one small investment, every day. As the days go by, the health bank grows. We gain time. Not just the quantity of time…but the quality.

I’m not suggesting money isn’t important, as we all need money to live, but I’m afraid that we take our health for granted at times which can impact our wealth and our ability to live a rich life.

Health is the Greatest Wealth
Global Wealth Creation

Money Worries are the Greatest Form of Stress

According to Forbes Magazine in the US and Health Direct in Australia, Money worries are one of the main sources of stress and can lead to relationship problems, depression or anxiety.

People tend to argue, have difficulty sleeping, feel angry or fearful, have mood swings, muscle pain, loss of appetite, lower sex drive and much more.

While these are normal reactions, they can affect your health if they continue for more than a few weeks. You could be at risk of developing anxiety or depression. Some people use drugs or alcohol to help them cope. Some have thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

Do you relate to any of the above?

If so I am here to offer some Hope – you just have to be open to the opportunity.

If you are passionate about Health and Supplementation with the added bonus of ridding the world of Childhood Malnutrition – then this could be the business opportunity that you have been looking for.


A Word from my Co-Author & Friend

Steve Moreland

Most humans “live lives of quiet desperation,” wrote Henry David Thoreau, “and die with a song still in their hearts.”

Time is linear. It occurs in a sequence, moment by moment we experience the sequential unravelling of time. All humans get exactly the same amount of seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month, and months in a year. We just don’t know how many years we get to live the experience we call life.

Within these different measurements of time, the only thing we possess control over is the choice of what we pay attention to – and that’s only if we’re conscious. Most are unconsciously incompetent, so they aimlessly meander through their life – meaninglessly.

To live a life on purpose, we must live a life that possesses meaning. To live meaningfully, we must define what meaning means to us – on a personal level. And part of this meaning should define if we are accountable for our choices and an ultimate reckoning for how we chose to live our lives.

To me, in my opinion, I possess a belief that an ultimate Creator crafted our existence of order and symmetry that infers an ultimate purpose. Therefore, to live my life absence of meaningful purpose is to act with irreverence to the Creator and this reality called Creation. To allow myself to live in a meaningless way like watching cats play pianos on social media is an irreverent expression of life. But that’s my opinion.

You must discover yours. And if in your discovery you refine what life means to you, then you will have a reason to live. Life absent meaning is meaningless.

Steve Moreland


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