In this video, Sam Caster, the CEO of EvolvHealth shares with you the science that validates why the molecule Acemannan has become known as natures most powerful immune-supporting molecule.


The Acemannan molecule comes from the Aloe Vera plant, which is the cornerstone of ancient medicine in almost every culture around the world.

There is something in the fresh gel of Aloe Vera that causes an immune response unlike anything else in nature. It is completely non-toxic and has become known as the healing plant.

In the 1960s industry decided to commercialise the amazing reputation of Aloe Vera and started making Aloe Vera products such as haircare and skincare products, creams and lotions that all promoted that the miracle of Aloe was now in their products. The problem was the miracle of Aloe didn’t show up in any of these products. Researchers determined that what existed in the gel, didn’t exist in any of the products.

A group of investors in the early 1980s went to South Western Medical School with the view of discovering and stabilising the molecule that was in fresh Aloe Vera gel that for some reason, didn’t show up in any of the products that were available at the time.

They realised that if they could discover and stabilise this molecule they could patent and commercialise an amazing technology, so that’s what they did.

After months and months of research, it was determined that the immune-modulating activity from Aloe Vera gel came from a long-chain carbohydrate or polysaccharide that they named Acemannan, an abbreviated version of its chemical structure. It’s a dispersed beta-1, 4 acetylated mannan.

Acemannan benefits

Acemannan benefits discovery – The other thing they recognised that this was a very unique polysaccharide (long-chain sugar) in nature, with Mannose as the predominant sugar.

There are about 200 sugars in nature, but mannose is by far the most important in human physiology.  It is absolutely essential for the proper structure-function of every cell in the human body.

So once the researchers had discovered the molecule and found a way to stabilise it for the very first time, the investors created a publically traded company, Carrington Labs, Inc to commercialise the stabilised Acemannan.

  • 130 patents were issued worldwide on the stabilisation processes and uses
  • Over $100 million was spent on research and development – which makes it the most researched molecule in nature
  • It became the only stabilised Acemannan technology on the market

In the 1980s, Carrington Labs hired Dr Santiago Rodriguez, and organic chemist, who developed the unique processing technologies for commercialising the world’s first Acemannan products. They looked at various vertical markets within healthcare to determine where would Acemannan best fit.


ACEMANNAN FOR WOUND CARE: The first thing commercialised was topical wound care under the name Carrasyn Wound Gel. This advanced topical wound care was approved for use for the treatment of severe burns, non-healing diabetic ulcers and open wounds because of the mechanism of action of accelerating the healing process. 




The next vertical market was Veterinary medicine and created a product called Acemannan Immunostimulant, a powerful immune-modulating molecule.  It was used for the treatment of various types of cancers and tumours in animals.



Acemannan benefits for humans – The next technology they developed was for humans, the first advanced integrated healthcare technology, Mannapol, an Acemannan dietary supplement for human use, was developed in 1993, by Dr Rodriquez.

Following this, Carrington Labs did over $100million of research on this incredible technology – Acemannan and Acemannan technologies.

They determined it had various major mechanisms in the human body:

  1. Essential for the Structure/Function of every cell in the human body
  2. Supported and Improved Gut Health
  3. Macrophage Activation to modulate the immune system

It’s interesting to know that each one of these separate mechanisms was directly linked to the molecular weight of the Acemannan molecule.

In Aloe Vera gel, these polysaccharides existed in a very wide variety of molecular weights, ranging from 5,000 daltons to 5,000,000 daltons. (A dalton is a measure of molecular weight or molecular mass).


It was determined that short chains of Acemannan, below 50,000 daltons, are necessary for human physiology to create glycoprotein structures.  If the molecular weight is below 50,000, there is actually punt sites on your intestinal wall looking for mannose, they “suck” in the mannose, puts it into the bloodstream, goes through the liver, which starts the process of glycoprotein structures. These little structures of Mannose are released back into the bloodstream and every cell in your body has receptor sites that take these mannose glycoproteins in and helps develop all glycoprotein structures in each cell.

Acemannan benefits


There are a lot of things that glycoprotein structures do.  They are your “Zipcode” – they identify the structure and function of the cell, but one of the main immune functions that it supports is recognition.

Please refer to the image below which shows how glycoprotein synthesis supports cell-to-cell communication.  All biological data is transferred through these glycoprotein structures.

As it applies to immunology, it works as follows.  The immune cell touches the surface of cells and asks 3 questions:

  1. Are you me and are you ok?
  2. Are you me and are you damaged? If so it orchestrates repair
  3. Are you not me? Do you not belong in the body? If so, it detects it as a foreigner and it orchestrates destruction.   That is an incredibly important function that Mannose and these Acemannan molecules help support in human physiology.

This is important as science has discovered that missing sugars spell disaster. When sugars are missing from the cell surface glycoprotein structures, we see it manifest itself into degenerative and autoimmune type functions.

When sugars are missing, the immune cells don’t recognise that cell as “self” anymore because the message is not complete.

So it’s not a malfunctioning immune system that causes this phenomenon, its a perfectly functioning immune system not recognising your own cells as healthy “self”.


Mannose occurs in two things in nature at very high levels – Aloe Vera gel and Human Breast milk.

When a woman becomes pregnant, she has the ability to convert high levels of glucose into Mannose in her liver.  That Mannose is pumped out through the bloodstream, through the umbilical cord into the fetus and that is necessary for the development of that child.

Once the child is born, that production of Mannose transfers to the Mammary Glands and breast milk is full of Mannose, which is essential for the proper structure/function and immune functioning of human physiology.

Science has noted that select immune conditions will often go into remission when a woman becomes pregnant, because of the high levels of Mannose in her bloodstream which are absolutely essential for a properly functioning immune system.



The Long Chains of Mannose in the millions of daltons are used for proper gut health. Long-chain polysaccharides of Acemannan are used to feed friendly bacteria in the gut. They are a pre-biotic only unlike most fibre which is pre-biotic, this structure actually gets converted by friendly bacteria into short-chain fatty acids, which are essential for supporting the healthy growth of epithelial cells that line the gut as well as support overall colonic health.

You need a healthy gut because that is almost all disease is started is with improper gut health.



Scientists found that somewhere between the short and long chains were the polysaccharides structures that actually activated and modulated the immune system. It’s called Macrophage activation.

Macrophages are large white blood cells made in the bone marrow.  They regulate all immunomodulating functions of the immune system, facilitate wound healing and infection control and serve to detect and eliminate any foreign antigens or microorganisms.

Macrophages are activated by medium-chain polysaccharides called Acemannan.



There are over 700 peer-reviewed papers published on Acemannan making it one of the most studied molecules in nature.

The book, Science behind Aloe is probably the best meta-analysis of over 100 peer-reviewed published studies on Acemannan about the mechanisms of action, integrative health support mechanisms and the safety and efficacy of Aloe.

An overview of just some of Acemannan Research Findings

  • Enhances macrophage activity as much as ten-fold i.e. 10x the impact in your immune systems.
  • Enhances stem cell production 300% – 400% so important in the recovery process
  • Speeds wound healing by as much as 35%
  • Supports antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial defences
  • Aids in the absorption of nutrients and water in the GI tract
  • Supports proper vascular flow
  • Supports proper cognitive function
  • Enhances recovery from exercise and performance


In 2005, a group of researchers out of South Korea looking at the medium-chain Acemannan molecules to discover where the immune activation of macrophages actually occurs within the wide range of molecular weights from 50,000 to millions.

After breaking down Acemannan into various fractions, they discovered the “sweet spot” the narrow range of molecular weights that are responsible for macrophage activation.  This is between 50,000 daltons and 400,000 daltons. Anything below or above this range has minimal capacity for supporting proper immune function.

The paper was entitled Identification of optimal molecular size of modified Aloe polysaccharides with maximum immunomodulatory activity.

Dr Rodriquez then looked at his original product called Mannapol and he found that of the solids, about 10% was Acemannan. Of that 10%, about 40% actually fell into the range of 50,000 to 400,000 daltons, achieving the desired effect.

So he went back to the lab, and with the advances in technology since the original discovery some 25 years before, he developed a whole new process for stabilising and extracting Acemannan.

The results were incredible.  He came up with a product that had nearly twice the total Acemannan per gram, with almost 4 1/2 times more immune-activating fractions.



Dr Rodriquez donated this technology to the Hope Movement at Alovéa, so they could make it available to consumers all around the world who are looking for the best immune support.

At the same time, Alovéa’s Social Business strategy of Buy 1 Nourish 2™ ensures that this same technology is available to the world’s most vulnerable children.

The Product is Alovéa AE formerly known as Immun –  nature’s number 1 integrative health support technology.

It supports:

  • proper structure/function
  • the best gut health
  • macrophage activation
Acemannan benefits


Alovéa AE (formerly Immun) – Natures Number 1 Integrative Health Support Technology, represents the most advanced technology and science.

It is not just the opinion of Alovéa. In June 2019, Immun and Immun containing hemp oil was picked by Dream for a Cure Cancer Research Foundation, who specialises in immunotherapy research.

Our search for the most scientifically advanced technologies for optimal immune and endocannabinoid system support led us to Alovéa. Their unique immune-modulating Aloe Vera Acemannan technology represents the best science I’ve found for Immune system support, and when combined with highly bioavailable broad-spectrum hemp oil, it provides unprecedented integrative health strategy.

Our plan is to not only to incorporate these products into our research but to also encourage our supporters to consume them as a key part of their own wellness initiatives.     Renee Hirte, Ph.D.


Integrative Health is defined as combining the best of modern medicine, with the best nutritional support to provide the best patient outcomes.

Immunotherapy is the cutting edge of cancer research. What we’ve recognised in science is the most powerful mechanism on earth for fighting cancer is the human body. What immunotherapy is doing, is designing and cloning antibodies that help the immune system detect and destroy cancer cells more effectively, without the use of radiation or chemotherapy or any other type of toxic solution.  It is incredible what is being achieved.

The biggest challenge with immunotherapy is that it is directly related in terms of its efficacy to the capability of the immune system of the patient to perform. So what the Dream for a Cure Cancer Research Centre was looking for was a way to raise the level of immunology of their patients to maximise the effects of immunotherapy.  That’s why they were looking for the best technology, that’s what they found with Alovéa.



PURCHASE ALOVÉA AE (formerly Immun) as a Customer | It will change your life, just like it will change the lives of children all over the world.


You can become a Social Business partner with Alovéa, an organisation that has the most powerful scientifically valid strategy for rebuilding a person’s immune system and in doing so, you will earn an income.

This is not capitalising on misfortune, it’s about “rallying the troops” and rewarding people for spreading a message of hope to people who are asking “How do I ensure my immune system is operating at its optimum level?”

Alovéa is blessed to be able to offer a compelling solution to the 2 biggest challenges in a lot of people’s lives right now.

  1. What is going to happen to my health?
  2. What is going to happen to my finances?

AND it changes the lives of children all over the world with the Buy 1 | Nourish 2™ Social Business model

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