October 26, 2020

Alovéa, a global social business in the health and wellness industry, announced today the launch of a joint project with One Share Health, a Texas-based medical cost-sharing ministry serving the U.S. The project “CELL•A•BRATE HEALTH” is being launched to dually support the reduction of chronic health events as well as the potential savings in the overall cost of treatment by proactively supporting the body’s normal functions of defense and repair.

A select group of One Share members will receive, at no additional cost, a monthly supply of Alovea’s new cellular health/immune optimizing chewables called CELL•A•BRATE.

Alovéa founder and CEO Sam Caster say, “Health starts and ends at the cellular level. Through an extensive global search, Alovéa has identified and exclusively licensed and formulated the world’s most powerful nutritional extracts for enhancing cellular health into a new tasty chewable that can support the entire family”. One Share VP of Sales, Ron Bruno, responded, “We have been exploring opportunities to go beyond providing comprehensive and affordable health sharing services through a proactive investment in the best, science-based health-supporting technology and we believe CELL•A•BRATE provides that solution.”

To remain consistent with Alovéa’s Buy 1, Give 1 platform of social giving, every bottle of CELL•A•BRATE provided to a One Share member in this project, will also generate a full 28 day supply of the same advanced nutritional support to a vulnerable child. “In parts of the world where modern medical care is in short supply, optimizing a child’s immune system has often shown to be the difference between life and death. Our Social Business has already donated over 27 million daily serving to children in need and we’re just getting started,” stated Sam Caster. “This project represents a “first of its kind” philosophical shift in the entire healthcare industry”.

The CELL•A•BRATE Health project is scheduled to officially launch in November.

For more information contact:
Linda Padilla

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