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I have always believed that I have been put on this earth for a reason … I have finally found out what that is

I recently had the privilege of co-authoring and publishing my first book – wow what an experience.  What I came to understand is that the challenge most people face in achieving their “Grand Vision” is that it runs so completely contrary to their own current vision or the identity that is running them now.  I want to help others become their true selves and embrace their life journey.

Leonie Hunt

Author | Success Mentor | Business Owner, Getmore2life



Leonie Hunt

Leonie Hunt is known for two things: generosity and perseverance.

Her initiative and results have been the foundation of her business success.

A practical and common-sense approach, together with an outstanding ability to build relationships with people, has given her the unique opportunity to operate at strategic and operational levels within several small businesses and large corporations.

These roles include general management, sales and marketing, customer service, leadership development, purchasing, and logistics.

She has earned her stripes in the “School of Life,” survived domestic violence, two bouts of breast cancer, the deaths of dearly loved family members, and a breakup with the love of her life.

It is fair to say she has lived a life full of setbacks, disappointments, betrayals, sadness, and loss. However, she has learned that success is all about getting up and moving forward despite whatever you may be facing.

Leonie is one of those rare people who always finds time to share her busy life with Variety and other worthwhile causes. She has also supported many colleagues with mentoring and support.

Although she has faced serious challenges with health and family issues over recent years, her focus and energy remain at a high level, and her quest for success is unwavering.

Articulate and well organised, she is the epitome of today’s contemporary business leader with outstanding business strategy and professional personal relationship skills.

Creating high expectations of performance and accountability, Leonie is determined yet consultative, caring, and focused.

When Leonie was the GM for our leadership business, she exceeded targets consistently and was responsible for our company winning worldwide sales awards on several occasions. I will always hold Leonie in the highest esteem, personally and professionally.


Licensee, Leadership Management Australia

Every once in a while, you come across a person who impacts your life and leaves a memorable impression and positive influence. Leonie is such a person. She is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and innovative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with within any capacity.

Leonie is compassionate, kind, and never misses an opportunity to help others. I have observed her innate inspiring talents manifest as a passion for helping her team succeed with an ability to articulate her leadership skills as a force for positive change.

Her big heart, persistence, and unwavering determination to make her mark have allowed her to be an exceptional people magnet who empowers everyone around her with illustrious enthusiasm. Leonie has excellent people skills that enable her to develop a strong rapport with people of diverse backgrounds while gaining their admiration and respect.

Michael Yacoub

Co-Founder & CEO, Forward 360

When I think of Leonie Hunt, two things instantly come to mind: resilience and smile. Knowing Leonie for over twenty years, I have watched her grow, flourish, and succeed. I have also watched her suffer, have setbacks, and get knocked down. No matter what challenges are thrown at Leonie, she has the ability to reflect, reassess, and reset to navigate the next journey in her life and succeed. Leonie Hunt never gives up, and she always bounces back with a big smile!

Marlene Elliott, GAICD

Associate Director of Vuca Pty Ltd, Non-Executive Director at Commonwealth Games Australia, Triathlon Australia, Peninsula Leisure, and Workways Australia

Having worked with Leonie for over thirty years in both a professional and personal capacity, I’ve always been impressed by her energy and passion for the opportunities she pursues.

The adversity Leonie has faced has given her the drive and heart to recognize where she can be of best use. Whether it’s in her business partnerships and roles or her philanthropic work, Leonie thinks big and has the energy to embrace life with determination and her signature enthusiasm.

Margaret Gehrig

Managing Director, MGA

What can I say about my friend, Leonie? More than words can describe, she is warm, generous, funny, with the biggest heart to be there for those she loves and those who love her.

Leonie’s life has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. But through all of the heartache, heartbreak, and tough times she has experienced, her resilience and zest for life have kept her going.

She has always been present for her friends, even to the point of putting herself in physical danger in order to protect and keep loved ones safe. Leonie, the life-saver.

Liz Dawson, MNZM

Forsyth Morison Ltd

I have had a front-row seat and witnessed unbelievable changes since I had met Leonie in 2019. It has been a blessing to watch this woman of fortitude achieve so much in such a short span of time.

She has rebuilt her health post-cancer with utter determination and the help of advanced nutrition from Alovéa. She is looking totally amazing and more youthful.

With a desire to serve others, she has used her skills to set up an online marketing and training system so others can improve their health while creating their own dream lifestyle and stream income globally. But this is the beginning.

From her experience, she can share what she has endured being able to go forth and help so many others. I feel that we were brought together for a reason, and I am honoured to call her my friend.

Leanne Fresiello

Social Business Entrepreneur, Alovéa

My friendship with Leonie began at the age of 10, I a novice in a country Australian primary school navigating local culture, she was a caring, gregarious and inclusive impresario. I was immediately drawn to her warmth and humour, for a long time not knowing that on a daily basis she bore a heavy sadness – that her younger sister Michelle was severely affected by Cerebral Palsy, never able to talk, walk or look after herself.

Leonie grew up in a household where her mother was a 24 hr carer for her sister and where Leonie felt a personal commitment to sharing that load. Her love for Michelle has had a lasting impact on Leonie and this has influenced her life choices in many ways – she has been a tireless advocate for people with disabilities and actively involved with Variety, the Children's Charity.

As a teenager, Leonie experienced the tragic death of 5 close family members as they travelled to attend her older sister’s wedding and the subsequent breakdown of that marriage. She continued to provide love and support as she and her family lived through the grieving process. Soon after Michelle passed away and Leonie’s sadness deepened.

Leonie’s life has been severely impacted by an abusive husband and she courageously removed herself from that relationship, all the while remaining gregarious, warm, caring and optimistic.

She forged a successful corporate career while experiencing anxiety and fears for her safety. She eventually opted out of the corporate sector, recognising the impact of a lifestyle neither good for body or soul.

The stress took its toll during which Leonie was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer which required a double mastectomy and therapies. This she undertook with grace and good humour, still caring for others as her mother and older sister struggled with the diagnosis. As a sole operator and single person with no access to sick leave, her financial position became increasingly precarious. Life became more and more difficult. Throughout this time Leonie’s struggle with anxiety and depression escalated. She continued her search for self-actualisation and committed to programs of personal development and business improvement.

Leonie has always looked for innovative ventures, identifying opportunities and backing her own judgement. She remains a caring, generous and inclusive soul who has faced sadness and fear, sickness and insecurity. Her resilience and humour shine through as she has now chosen to relocate back to her home town to care for her mother while adapting to a digital business model. Leonie is a survivor. She is my friend whom I will forever admire and cherish.

Christine Cook

General Manager, Fellowship Pathways, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Ltd

I have known Leonie Hunt for about 30 years. I have known her personally and professionally. Despite my wanderlust, whenever I accidentally bumped into her over those years, she has remained true to herself and to her core.

They say you can never really know someone, but her true essence has never faltered, never waned.

It is safe to say that Leonie is a woman of not only substance but also has a lion heart that offers all that meet her, support, love, gratitude & guidance.

Despite setbacks, Leonie has kept looking forward, forever planning the way to forge forward and to improve not only her own immediate personal and professional surroundings but those of others, even when she may need support herself.

They say good friends just pick up where they left off, that is what Leonie is all about.

Leonie is driven to succeed, driven to prosper and driven to lend a hand to others.

Leonie was born under the Scorpio - Sagittarius cusp, people born under the cusp of revolution, these people have incredible strength and energy, they are passionate and ready to stand for what they feel is right.

They also like to inspire and lead others, I think that pretty much sums up Leonie.

Yvonne McClaren

Founder Coach & Author , Yvonne G McClaren and The Food Manifesto

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