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You can make a difference
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YOU can Make a Difference

I am not sure where you are in life, and I certainly wasn’t either when I started my journey with Alovéa.

The great news is the Alovéa Social Business 3.0 model ensures that whatever you choose, you will positively impact the lives of medically fragile and vulnerable children worldwide via the Buy 1, Nourish 2™ model for Social Giving

The actions of people in 15 countries, Australia,  Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands,  New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, United State and the US Virgin Islands, have collectively donated in excess of 41 million servings of advanced nutritional support to medically fragile children via the Alovéa Buy 1, Nourish 2™ model for Social Giving.

As Alovéa continues to expand globally, that figure will continue to grow as new consumers and teams join.

YOU Can Choose to Do YOUR Life Different

One thing 2020-21 has taught us, is that we can’t be complacent with our health, that ignorance is not bliss, and that uncertainty has become a part of our everyday life.

“If it is to be … it’s up to me”  has never been so relevant as it is today.  If you are not liking your current situation, I invite you to choose how to change your health, and the health of a child and earn extra income.

OPTION 1: You can improve your health and the health of those you love, by becoming a Preferred Customer; OR

OPTION 2: You can improve your health and the health of those you love AND  cover the cost of your product and earn some extra income with the FREE Affiliate program; OR

OPTION 3: You can improve your health and the health of those you love AND improve your finances and lifestyle as a True Champion of Hope – a Social Business Partner, who operates your own independent GLOBAL business. 

There is a lot to take in and sometimes it is better just to speak with someone. Click Below to organise a No-Obligation 15-minute chat either by phone or Zoom.

Woman in medical mask has lost her job
The Hope Movement

YOU can Operate a Global Business

With any business, there are no get rich quick schemes!

Success comes with focus, commitment, consistency, and work.

As an Alovéa Social Business Partner, you can enhance your own health, finances, lifestyle and purpose whilst making a difference in the world today.

With all the online technology available, there really is no limit to the number of opportunities available globally.

With Alovéa ….

  • The start-up investment is modest.
  • The ability to recoup the initial investment quickly is very achievable.
  • The access to people, training, systems, and processes to support your business is overwhelmingly generous.
  • You can run a global business from a Laptop or an App and have the flexibility to work from anywhere, that has internet access.
  • You can build a secure and sustainable income, and help others do the same, via generous financial compensation, rewards, and incentives.
  • You will work with purpose and passion, knowing that you do make a difference to people’s lives – not just medically fragile children, but also people looking to improve their own health, finances, and lifestyle.

If you are serious about creating a new business, there is a lot more to share.  Click below to book a time for a No-Obligation 15 minute chat either by phone or Zoom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Public Benefit Corporation?

A Public Benefit Corporation is an organisation whose sole purpose is to do good in the world.

Who owns the company?

Alovea is owned by 2 global not-for-profit organisations – MannaRelief and NCMN.

Is it one of those illegal pyramid-type schemes?

Of course not – this is a Public Benefit Corporation Social Business that combines the best of Amazon for online shopping together with an improved direct selling compensation model to reward all Social Business Partners who want to make a difference in this world with their Buy 1, Nourish 2™ model of social giving.

In what countries are the Alovea products available?

United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, Israel, Sweden, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. More countries will come on board as Alovéa expands its global reach.

What exactly do the kids get?

The children get “HOPE Boost” powder. It’s added to their food each day. HOPE Boost powder consists of acemannan, the world’s most powerful immune-activating molecule, and stabilized rice bran, the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.

We also have a rejection-free marketing funnel system to grow a global business.

Am I locked into a contract that I can not get out of?

NO, there are no contracts. As a Social Business Partner there is an annual renewal fee of US$39.95,  however as an Affiliate and a Customer there is NO annual fee and there is not a requirement to purchase every month. However, if you wanted to receive a commission, the requirement is to have an order in place every 28 days.

How much does it cost?

All the Alovea products vary in price and at this point in time are shown in $US. Alovea is working toward pricing in the local currency of each country.

There is also a modest shipping fee.

N.B. Alovea offers an opportunity to cover all or a portion of the cost of your 28-day product outlay by taking advantage of the 1-2-FREE program. Introduce a minimum of 3 customers who buy exactly what you do, then you receive your products for FREE!

Is there a minimum amount I have to order each month?

As a Customer or Affiliate, no. However, there is a minimum order for Social Business Partners that equates to US$99 every 28 days.

How often do I need to buy the product?

Ideally, it is best to have a product every 28 days to help with maintaining a strong immune system, however, you have the freedom to choose when and what you purchase, or to not purchase.  You are totally in control of your ordering.

What about the business - how can I make some money?

Firstly – become a Social Business Partner and you will have your own unique website to share.

Secondly – order some product and then share some information with those you love and care for – either with a video, some written literature using Alovea’s marketing tools or a 3way call to answer any questions they may have.

Do I have to sell it to my family and friends?

NO, you don’t have to do anything except consume the products for yourself, however, if you felt an amazing benefit for your own health, is it not a sin to not want to help those dear to you, especially if they are dealing with health challenges.

We also have a rejection-free marketing funnel system to grow a global business.

What makes your products any different from other Aloe Vera products in the market?

Many Aloe Vera products on the market don’t actually have any active ingredient in them.

The raw ingredients are organically grown and tested regularly for any pesticides.

The process of extraction is patented and is only available to Alovéa.

The raw materials are natural food sourced in therapeutic amounts without any fillers or additives.

Where are the raw materials for the products grown?

The most potent Immune Optimising Aloe Vera Acemanan Extract is grown in Mexico.

The patented Beetroot Betalain Extract (Prolain) is grown in the United States.

The patented Pine Bark extract (Oregenol) is grown in New Zealand.

Nature’s Most Powerful Living Food – Manuka Honey – comes from New Zealand.

I already have a high immune system now, so why would I want to take an immune booster?

Firstly, this is not an immune booster.

Acemanan AE is an immune modulator supporting a proper cellular function.

It activates your immune system and gets it functioning at its highest level.

And, with over 700 published studies, research has shown that it also helps activate and balance the gut which is essential to a healthy immune system.

Why does Alovea have additional products if Cell-A-Brate is so good?

Cell-a-Brate is a great starting point for both adults and children.

If someone has a specific health challenge then Alovéa suggests adding the specific product that will support the body to help to heal that challenge.


Stress Management, Weight Control, Healthy Eating & Healthy Weight, Gut & Immune Health, Digestive Health, Compromised Health, Joint & Back Discomfort, Hormones, Mood Swings & Bloating, Anxiety & Stress, Sleep, Mental Clarity, Focus & Energy, Balancing a Fast-Paced Lifestyle, Exercise Workouts & Recovery.

The Hope Social Business 3.0 Movement - powered by Alovéa

is the first of its kind, market-driven movement.

As a Social Business - Alovéa links the distribution of cutting-edge wellness technologies

to the needs of the world's most vulnerable and medically fragile children.

The number of Scientifically Advanced Immune & Nutritional Support Servings Donated by Alovéa to the World's most Vulnerable & Medically Fragile Children continues to grow daily.


There is a lot to take in and sometimes it is better just to speak with someone.

I am keen to get to know you a little better and answer any questions you may have.

Click below to organise a completely No-Obligation phone call or Zoom Meeting chat.

Leonie Hunt

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