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What is Critical Care?

Critical Care refers to emergency care – the monitoring and treating of critically ill or injured patients.

Most Western countries enjoy the best critical care in the world, with highly trained researchers, scientists, and doctors equipped with the best technology to save lives.


Referred to as Healthcare

The management of chronic and infectious disease symptoms, e.g. heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, chronic pulmonary disorders, obesity, disabilities etc.

This is the area that Big Pharma has landed on and mandated standard-of-care therapies for the management of chronic diseases.

In the US, 90% of their healthcare costs are in this type of managed care.


Critical Care
Chronic Disease

Healthcare is on an unsustainable trajectory, requiring a renewed push for transformation

We have built a system that largely intervenes medically and with pharmaceuticals – only once people are sick.  That’s too late.

David M Cordani

President & CEO, Cigna, Global Health Services


There has never been a better time to build a business that is part of a wellness revolution/solution.

Be a part of a company dedicated to solving some of the world's most significant health issues via an integrated health model.

AND actively contribute to the eradication of childhood malnutrition through social business.

Healthcare Costs

The management and treatment of chronic diseases account for 90% of the US’s $3.2K TRILLION spend per year.

US Healthcare costs are predicted to top $4.2 trillion by 2023 according to cdc.com

Pathogens, Viruses & Infectious Disease

These type of diseases are becoming bigger health and financial threats than chronic disease.

They are predicted to kill more people than cancer by 2050.


Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases now account for 7 out of every 10 deaths in the world, costing more than $10,000,000,000,000 ($10 trillion) per year.

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2016 – The Lancet

Nearly 50% of Australians now have a chronic illness – many of them preventable.

Doctors are now calling for an increased focus on prevention rather than just a cure.

Healthcare Transformation

We have a sick care (healthcare) system that mandates a standard of care.

Managing poor health is not the solution that will solve the problem – we have an unsustainable growth in sickness and disease.

We have lulled ourselves into this strategy that says if you get sick, you just go to a Doctor and they will prescribe a drug and everything will be ok.

Everything is not ok – all drugs are toxic and they just destroy the body.

The Healing Power of the Body

There are billions of people worldwide who will go to sleep and pray that God will bring a solution to a health challenge that one of their family members or themselves are dealing with.

The answer lies within.

Our body is designed to protect, defend and heal itself from everything – it just needs the right ingredients.

Some molecules in nature support our bodies normal functions of immunology to help us protect and defend ourselves. Some actually enhance those functions of defence and repair.


Some molecules in nature support our bodies normal functions of immunology to help us protect and defend ourselves.

Some actually enhance those functions of defence and repair.

Acemannan is one of the latter.

From Aloe Vera to Acemannan

In the early ’90s, there was a group of research pharmacologists that looked at the Aloe Vera plant and they knew that in fresh Aloe Vera there was something that caused a very profound immune response that was unseen in modern medicine.

A public pharmaceutical company was created because of the discovery they had made. It was called Carrington Laboratories.

The problem with the Aloe Vera plant was it was labile. You could take the fresh gel and put it in a petri dish of cell cultures and you could see this incredible response, however, the next day it was completely gone – so whatever it was it was denatured and been made labile in 24 hours.

So they hired a group of pharmacologist from the South Western Medical school to identify what the molecular structure is that was causing this because they didn’t know what to stabilise until they knew the molecule that was causing this effect.

They discovered that it was a long chain polysaccharide (many sugars).

Unlike any sugar that we are used to seeing like sucrose – this is a sugar that is absolutely essential in human physiology and it’s necessary for the proper structure and function of every cell in the body, but it is absolutely essential for the proper functioning of the immune system.

So, they discovered it was a polysaccharide – that was pretty radical as the only thing known about sugar in those days in biochemistry was that it contributed to the conversion of ATP in the body and produced energy – nobody had ever heard of a therapeutic sugar. This was one.

Carrington Laboratories spent over $100 million of their public offering on validating the mechanism of action of the polysaccharide in human physiology and their goal was to bring it to the market as a drug.

They also filed and received over 130 patents worldwide on this discovery and its stabilisation process.

They called this molecule Acemannan – an abbreviation of its chemical structure – its’ a beta 1, 4 linked acetylated polymannans – shortened to Acemannan.

This technology was approved by the USDA – United States Department of Agriculture – which manages the development of drugs that can be used in the Agriculture industry.

They had shown that this Acemannan technology was effective in the treatment of all types of cancer in all types of animals.

It doesn’t attack cancer – it enhances the immune systems ability to recognise and kill cancer. So, they got a drug approved – the first injectable immuno-stimulant that was non-toxic ever in the USDA history.

They then went to the FDA thinking we’ve already crossed the USDA bridge so the next would be easy to accomplish.

The problem with the FDA is that they have a set of rules that have been developed by Big Pharma.

There are 2 things.

  1. You have to prove the toxicity level of your drug – if it is non-toxic, it doesn’t qualify as a drug
  2. You have to alter physiology with the drug – either the physiology of the disease process or human physiology in the way that it deals with it

So, nutrition supports physiology – drugs alter physiology. Acemannan didn’t alter physiology – it enhances physiology and because of this – it was turned down as a drug and the journey of bringing Acemannan to the market place began with distribution via Mannatech, a multi-level marketing company.

From Acemannan to Acemannan AE™

In 2014, Dr Santiago Rodriguez, the worlds leading expert on Acemannan technologies used new science to develop a second-generation Acemmanan extract with 4-5 times more immune-activating fractions per gram than his original patented product.

This new extract was named Alovéa AE (Acemannan Extract) and was donated exclusively to the HOPE Movement to support their Social Business platform for global health transformation.


Stress Management, Weight Control, Healthy Eating & Healthy Weight, Gut & Immune Health, Digestive Health, Compromised Health, Joint & Back Discomfort, Hormones, Mood Swings & Bloating, Anxiety & Stress, Sleep, Mental Clarity, Focus & Energy, Balancing a Fast-Paced Lifestyle, Exercise Workouts & Recovery.

The Hope Social Business 3.0 Movement - powered by Alovéa

is the first of its kind, market-driven movement.

As a Social Business - Alovéa links the distribution of cutting-edge wellness technologies

to the needs of the world's most vulnerable and medically fragile children.

The number of Scientifically Advanced Immune & Nutritional Support Servings Donated by Alovéa to the World's most Vulnerable & Medically Fragile Children continues to grow daily.


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