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The average Australian household has a debt of around 210.0% of its net yearly income.

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The average American has $90,460 in debt, according to a 2021 CNBC Report. Website

How much Personal Debt do you have?

A November 2021 survey among over two thousand Australians revealed that Millennials were the most indebted, with an average personal debt of around 56.8 thousand Australian dollars.

The next closest generation, Gen X, had an average debt of almost 55 thousand.

The national average personal debt was approximately 46 thousand Australian dollars.

The average value of personal debt in Australia 2020-2021, by generation
Published by L. Granwal, Feb 7, 2022

What will be your main source of retirement income?

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that over half of men and two-fifths of women expect superannuation to be the main source of retirement income.

However, our projections show that the age pension will provide 61% of the retirement income of single people and 39% of the retirement income of couples.

Moreover, 96% of single people and 89% of couples aged 40 to 64 today are expected to receive at least a partial age pension at some stage during retirement.


Will you be Living a Comfortable Retirement?

For most people, superannuation is not sufficient to fund a comfortable retirement, even if they have contributed to superannuation for most of their working lives.

In Australia – only 53% of couples and 22% of single people are on track to achieve a comfortable level of retirement income, according to an in-depth study of the adequacy of retirement savings.

And according to Yahoo Finance – 64% of Americans aren’t prepared for retirement — and 48% just don’t care!

Now there is a sound strategy for retirement – NOT!


Yes, it is a personal question – one that I avoided for years, quite content to “live the high life” and “to hell with tomorrow”.

Well, in 2021 – my tomorrow was suddenly here and I had to face up to some pretty confronting facts. As a 59-year-old single professional woman, I had to ask myself – how did I get here?

  1. I was still paying a mortgage and probably would be for the rest of my life.
  2. I was living the “high life” on credit and my credit cards were always close to the limit.
  3. I only paid the minimum amount due on my credit cards each month, so I paid a lot of interest!
  4. I never seemed to have enough money to survive let alone save
  5. And I could go on .. and on.

I had to stop and take a long hard look at myself and realise If I didn’t change, neither would my situation and the future didn’t really look that good.

Something had to give!

Worried People

From a Poverty Mindset to Hope

“When you are in a “poverty mindset” it is counterintuitive to think of a life where you don’t have any money worries.

I know I have been there.

However, there were four (4) things that were my saving grace

  1. Even though I still had a mortgage. I did have good equity in my home.
  2. I had made the decision to utilise the services of a financial adviser some years previous and my super was performing well.
  3. I made the decision to actively seek new residual/alternative income opportunities that would provide work flexibility, freedom and lifestyle improvements; and
  4. I was open” to looking at something in the network marketing arena that would provide both myself and the people I lead and work with a highly ethical and valuable opportunity to improve their health, their wealth or both

My situation was also changing, as I decided to become a full-time career for my elderly mum in the country some 3 hours from Adelaide – something  I promised her I would do earlier in life.

It is indeed a privilege to care for your parents in their later years in the comfort of their own home, but I know that this is not necessarily an option for most people – but for me, it was, however, it did require some major decisions and I also needed to be able to earn income online and have flexibility in my work life.

I sold my home, topped up my super, bought myself a new car, closed my digital marketing business and started afresh and I have never looked back.




Do nothing & be where you are right now for the rest of your life




Actively seek a better life for yourself & your loved ones.






Here are some of the ways I can help you improve your current financial situation:


1:  If you are really serious about increasing your wealth, are coachable and willing to put in the time and effort, I will get you started and work with you every step of the way to build a part-time business that would add to your current income within the first 24 hours of operation and could replace or even surpass your current income in a few short years.


2:   If you are in Australia, I can help you check how your Superannuation is performing to make sure you are getting the best return and setting yourself up for an amazing retirement.


3:  If you are in Australia, I can help you take stock of your current “Financial Reality” so you can address your immediate highest priority and ensure you are able to live your “ideal” lifestyle now and importantly get to continue that lifestyle when you retire.



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There is a lot to take in and sometimes it is better just to speak with someone.

I am keen to get to know you a little better and answer any questions you may have.

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